Need help with Contested Wills or Legal Probate?

Losing a loved one is difficult for everyone involved, and legal obligations or contentions can make this process overwhelming and divisive. When engaging a solicitor for such an important and often stressful part of your life, it’s essential to have advice and representation that listens carefully and acts decisively. We provide expert and swift legal assistance for you in all matters related to; 

Probate Law

Legal Wills

Claims & Contentions

Inheritance Issues

Estate Administration

Get the advice and support you need during hard times

Of all legal procedures, wills and inheritance can be the most sensitive and upsetting for your family. Whether it’s related to fighting wills, dying without a will, or probate contesting, we can give you peace of mind and advocate against unfair events or rulings. 

We are experienced Australian family lawyers to give you peace of mind in these areas:

Protect Your Rights

Without expert advice and knowing your rights, you could have your ignorance exploited.

Represent & Support

We advocate for you no matter what the situation and during difficult family matters.

Unfair Wills & Inheritance

If you have been unfairly excluded as a beneficiary, we can make a family provision claim on your behalf.

Court Appearances

We know how daunting it can be in court, and how important these moments are for your future.

Defacto Relationships

We can represent those of defacto, dependents, or former spouses over will disputes and probate issues.

Supreme & Appeals Courts

It can be overwhelming to understand how, why, and when to make the right legal move.

Appeal & Mediation

We support you through every step of the process, with no nonsense and jargon so you understand every step.

Outcome Focused

With our compassionate and judgement-free approach, we stand up for you no matter what.

With substantial court room experience and acute attention to detail, we have a high level of client satisfaction.

Aaron Legal Solicitors provide personalised services for family, traffic and criminal law all in one place.

Our philosophy and experience

Our philosophy has been finely tuned by the experience, careers and jobs we’ve previously held. Our aim is to treat everyone with respect and understanding. We don’t judge, nor do we speak in jargon you won’t understand. We are caring, compassionate people who have a deep understanding of the law and are here to help. Sometimes all it takes is listening!

The court system can be confrontational

People are upset, vulnerable, and often exhausted by the pressures upon them and the stresses they’ve endured. We work hard to make sure you are fully aware of all the choices in front of you. You will get through this moment of stress in your life, but you don’t want to spend a lifetime ‘paying’ for a bad decision.With Aaron Legal you get care and personal attention.

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