Have you been accused of committing a criminal or traffic offence?

At Aaron Legal Solicitors we provide all your criminal, traffic and family services all in one place.

The solicitors at Aaron Legal can give you advice, and represent you in the Local, District and Supreme Court.

If you are asked questions by police about a simple matter of which you are obviously innocent, it is probably a good idea to answer their questions. In other situations, or if you are not sure what you should do then you need to speak to a lawyer first. In particular, if the police want to record an interview with you on tape or video, always say you want to speak to a lawyer first.

At Aaron Legal we have experienced lawyers to help you in the following areas:

1. Court appearances in the Local, District and Supreme Courts;

2. Represent and support you regarding, traffic and driving offences, AVO matters and strictly indictable offences;

3. Bail applications;

4. Defence;

5. Applications under section 14 of the Mental Health and Cognitive Impairment Foresnic Provisions Act  2020 and;

6. Pleas/ sentencing to your charges in court;

7. Sentence and Conviction Appeals and Sentences in the District Court.

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