Do you need a solicitor to assist you with the process of obtaining a divorce?

Obtaining a divorce has a lot of considerations that need to be addressed mutually between the couple.

In Australia a staggering 1 out of 3 couples are seeking divorce and the rate is growing with every year. A couple has to be separated for twelve months and one day to apply for divorce.

Problems can occur in any divorce when children are involved, as unlike property and assets they cannot be divided equally. It is imperative to hire a Lawyer for this situation not just for the living arrangements but also for Child Support. Parental responsibility for children doesn’t end with a divorce, parents are responsible for the welfare of the children till the children reach at least the age of 18. Also the child has a right to know both the parents and irrespective of the parents divorce, both parents are responsible for making important decisions etc.

You should hire a solicitor is if there is domestic abuse or violence. In such cases the lawyer will discuss with the client their legal rights and spend time with issues and advice on the resolution of any dispute.

Getting a divorce can also become difficult if only one side seeks separation, Lawyer intervention would help the situation by filing the paperwork and sending legal notices to the other partner.

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