Family law deals with specific family matters such as divorce, children and property. The Family Law Act protects many family situations in Australia.. Here at Aaron Legal we assist adults and children to settle their family disagreements and attain dependable and feasible care provisions for children. Family legal advice assists with:

  • The care and safety of children at risk of harm, for example, where Children’s Court and the Department of Community Services are involved.
  • Financial assistance for children for example, where there are parents paying child support and parents who take care of children. It makes no difference if the parents are married, in a de facto relationship, or have never been together.
  • Separation, for example disagreements about property or children after separation
  • Issues such as dispute resolution, property division, parental responsibilities, best interests of the child, and no fault divorce

Aaron Legal can provide legal advice and assistance, case preparation, and services assisting in commonwealth family law affairs, including child support situations. If you are expected to be implicated in legal action or court proceedings, you should seek family legal advice as soon as possible.

Children and Family Legal Advice

Make an honest attempt at resolving the issue through counselling or mediation

Make a realistic effort to converse with the other party

Aaron Legal can help you with your Family Dispute so that everyone comes to an amicable resolution. However, family dispute resolution is necessary before you can begin court proceedings through a Family Law Lawyer . Exceptions are made when your case is critical or it consists of outstanding factors such as violence in the family. Courts will normally demand a certificate from Family Dispute resolution specialists prior to giving the go-ahead about a case involving children.

Parenting Plans

Parents can go into agreements concerning the arrangements for their children. This is known as “a parenting plan.” Aaron Legal can assist you and your ex-partner to make a parenting plan. Your parenting plan must be on paper, signed, and dated. It can be modified and updated by another signed written parenting plan. However, the court can take into account what has been agreed to in a parenting plan if you have further court proceedings concerning parenting matters.

Consent Orders

Consent orders are an agreement that can be formalised after consulting with the other parent, normally through the assistance of family legal advice or a dispute resolution facility. A consent-order is signed by the parties, filed at and endorsed by the Courts and is enforceable by the Court.

Which Courts Settle Parenting Matters

Family law issues in NSW are disputed in the Family Court and Local Courts. In many instances, you can file your concern at the Local Court and it will be transferred to the Family Courts. Situations that are more complicated are more likely to be resolved in the Family Courts. Family Courts have expertise and guidelines more beneficial to the needs of children.

Why Seek Family Legal Advice from Aaron Legal?

A Family Law Lawyer will give you one-on-one legal advice about your family issue in great detail. As you can see, family matters cover a wide range of issues that can become very complex in a short amount of time. As matters grow more complicated, a Family Law Lawyer will be your best option

Complex legal documents and detailed legal advice will require a certain amount of time in order to make sure your case goes as well as possible. Before visiting Aaron Legal for family legal advice, be sure to prepare any paperwork that is pertinent to your legal case, such as letters and Court papers. Take time to determine what you need assistance with to make the best use of your time with your Family Lawyer, and make a list of the main points about your situation.

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