Marriage is a strong institution; socially accepted in all parts of the world. However it doesn’t make sense to be married to someone if there is no respect, love or a common feeling to stay together. The stress at our work place, the pressure to excel in our careers, attraction towards another person, money matters etc are reasons which leads to conflict and hence more and more couples are seeking a divorce.

However getting a divorce has a lot of considerations that need to be addressed mutually between the couple and there should be an understanding of things, which would help the separation be amicable and work for both the parties. This is where a divorce or a Family Law Lawyer can come in to the picture to help resolve the issues limiting conflicts and work towards a mutual goal.

In Australia a staggering 1 out of 3 couples are seeking divorce and the rate is growing with every year. A couple has to be separated for twelve months and one day to apply for divorce. However before approaching the court for a divorce, it is advised that you try counselling and/or couples therapy, which is known to work in some cases.

The recommended option is to hire a Family Law Lawyer, who knows the law and potential problems and who will sit with you and help resolve any matters. If separation is a mutual decision then things are resolved quickly, however, things can becoming challenging when there are children, pets, property etc.

One of the problems in any divorce is when children are involved, as unlike property and assets they cannot be divided equally. It is imperative to hire a Lawyer for this situation not just for the living arrangements but also for Child Support. Parental responsibility for children doesn’t end with a divorce, parents are responsible for the welfare of the children till the children reach at least the age of 18. Also the child has a right to know both the parents and irrespective of the parents divorce, both parents are responsible for making important decisions etc.

Often parents opt for shared parenting of the children; the Court may allocate parental responsibilities, how much time the child should spend with each parent, financial responsibilities etc. When the parents are not able to come to a mutual decision the court will take the decision keeping in mind the children’s best interests.

Another instance where you should hire a Family Law Lawyer is if there is domestic abuse or violence. In such cases the lawyer will discuss with the client their legal rights and spend time with issues and advice on the resolution of any dispute.

Getting a divorce can also become difficult if only one side seeks separation, Lawyer intervention would help the situation by filing the paperwork and sending legal notices to the other partner.

Property disputes are often not mutually resolved and involving a Divorce Lawyer who can advance for her own client’s right is the best option. At Aaron Legal we do our best to get the best outcome for you.

With Aaron Legal you get care and personal attention. You get a high degree of expertise and you get a result you can live with.

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